¿Cuáles son los nuevos Aumentos de Realidad agregados en Fortnite v25.00?

¿Cuáles son los nuevos Aumentos de Realidad agregados en Fortnite v25.00?

Los aumentos de realidad se han convertido en una parte importante del Capítulo 4 de Fortnite, brindándote habilidades especiales a los personajes para sobrevivir más tiempo en la batalla real. Con el nuevo cambio de temporada llegó un conjunto de nuevos aumentos para encajar con el emocionante tema de la Selva. Puedes aprender estos aumentos aleatoriamente mientras juegas y activarlos a través del menú de aumentos. Algunos de los mejores Aumentos de Realidad podrían marcar la diferencia entre la muerte y Victory Royale. ¡Aquí hay un vistazo a todos los nuevos, y algunos que regresan, agregados con esta actualización!

Lista de aumentos de realidad de Fortnite: todas las nuevas ventajas v25.00 y cómo usarlas

Se agregan siete nuevos aumentos con la nueva actualización de la temporada 3 del Capítulo 4. Estos aumentos son extremadamente útiles para sobrevivir en el bioma de la jungla, ya que te permiten tener una mejor visión, utilizar la vida silvestre a tu favor y mantenerte lleno de munición. Aquí hay un vistazo a todos ellos y lo que hacen:

Compañero primordial

Imagen vía Epic Games

Primal Companion te permite obtener visión térmica y tu salud se regenera mientras montas animales. Esto resulta útil, especialmente con esos nuevos dinosaurios que se pueden montar, ya que te permiten moverte rápidamente por la jungla y al mismo tiempo recibir algunos beneficios adicionales.

Armamento de avispa salvaje

Imagen vía Epic Games

El aumento de armamento Wildwasp te dará automáticamente un Wildwasp Jar y un Wildwasp Jar adicional con cada eliminación que obtengas. Estas abejas mortales no sólo revelarán la ubicación de tus enemigos sino que también los dañarán.

Líneas de velocidad

Imagen vía Epic Games

Sprint Lines es un excelente aumento para ganar velocidad extra y regenerar salud. Te permite obtener un efecto de bofetada mientras usas cualquiera de los siguientes elementos en el juego: Ascenders , Grind Rails , Grind Vines y Ziplines . Podrás escapar rápidamente de situaciones peligrosas o perseguir a tu oponente a gran velocidad.

Diapositiva de concha

Imagen vía Epic Games

Al igual que el otro aumento para ganar munición media mientras te deslizas, el aumento de deslizamiento de proyectil te permitirá ganar proyectiles de escopeta mientras te deslizas . Esto es extremadamente útil durante el combate a corta distancia para garantizar que siempre estés abastecido y listo para disparar.

Recarga rápida de escopeta

Imagen vía Epic Games

Las escopetas son armas de mano pesada que causan un daño enorme de cerca, pero pueden ser bastante lentas al disparar, especialmente si necesitas recargar. Bueno, con este Aumento, pueden volverse aún más letales. Swift Shotgun Reload permite que tus escopetas se recarguen más rápido y tal vez disparar primero a tu oponente.

Recarga imprudente del rifle

Imagen vía Epic Games

Much like the Swift Shotgun Reload, the Reckless Rifle Reload will help speed up your reloading time while using an Assault Rifle. However, this Augment reloads Assault Rifles significantly faster when the mag is empty. This could be the difference between life or death, especially if you’re trying to be faster than your opponent.

Medium Ammo Acquired

Image via Epic Games

If you’re tired of always running out of ammo and not being able to find the type you need in ammo boxes or chests, then this Augment is definitely one for you. Medium Ammo Acquired allows you to automatically gain Medium Ammo with every container you open. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chest, ammo box, or cooler; you’ll gain extra ammo with each one.

All Returning Fortnite Augments in v25.00

These Augment perks were added back in the v24.10 update and prior, but we will see them return this season as well. These Augments are great for restoring your health and helping you survive in precarious situations, and they can continue to assist us in the dangerous Jungle environment.

Traversal Warrior

The Traversal Warrior Augment, formally known as Rail Warrior, allows you to regenerate shields and health using ziplines and grind rails. The Mega City location has several grind rails and ziplines scattered around the POI, and the new Jungle POI has new viney ledges to grind on as well. With the Rail Warrior Augment equipped, you can ride on these rails to regenerate health and shields. The only downside for this Augment is that it won’t work if you are out in the storm circle.

Aquatic Warrior

Aquatic Warrior is Augment that allows you to regenerate health and partial shields while swimming in water. You’ll also be able to swim faster with this Augment, but it will not work outside the storm circle. As for viability, Aquatic Warrior isn’t the best Augment in the game, and its usage is more or less situational.

First Assault

Getting the first shot on your opponent makes all the difference in the world, especially when using this First Assault Augment. This Augment allows your first Assault Rifle shot to do bonus damage, setting you up for a successful takedown, maybe even before the player has time to react.

Light Fingers

Light Fingers Augment will significantly speed up the reload process of any weapons using light-ammo. It doesn’t necessarily have to be just an SMG, it can be Pistols too, but it will definitely make that SMG even more OP during battle and maybe even beat out the slow-shooting Shotgun.


The Bloodhound Augment allows you to keep an eye on your opponent at all times as long as you keep getting shots at them. It will mark your opponents with a red ping with each shot of your Assault Rifle and will stay on them for a few seconds before disappearing again.

Steady Hands

Marksman Rifles are a great tactical weapon but do have some downsides if you aren’t experienced with recoil. Thankfully, the Steady Hands Augment can help improve that by reducing the recoil on all Marksman Rifles that you possess.

SMG Sign Off

Sometimes the best match-up against Shotguns is the speedy SMG, allowing you to get that edge on the sometimes slow-firing Shotgun. With this Augment, you’ll definitely have the upper hand since SMG Sign Off makes the last few shots of your SMG mag do extra damage.

Exotic Grab Bag

Sometimes getting high-rarity weapons means taking down powerful opponents or tracking down the NPC bosses in the world. Or you could use the Exotic Grab Bag Augment and get lucky instantly. This Augment will give you one random Heisted Exotic Weapon automatically.

Soaring Sprints

Soaring Sprints is an Augment that makes you jump higher with anti-gravity while you are sprinting. That means you can catch your opponent off guard by jumping over their head and getting the high ground before they even knew what hit them.

Mythic Munition

Much like the Exotic Grab Bag, Mythic Munition can immediately grant you a high-rarity weapon. In this case, it’s a Mythic Tactical Pistol. This light-ammo weapon is heavily damaging on a headshot and a bit speedier than your usual AR. Channel your inner John Wick.


If you’re looking for better loot, they are most likely locked up in a Holo-chest, but getting keys isn’t always the easiest. You can use the Keymaster Augment to immediately obtain two free keys to unlock those chests a little bit faster.

Rarity Check

If you’re stuck with low-rarity weapons, such as common and uncommon, and you’re feeling like things are just a little bit unfair, activate the Rarity Check Augment. This Augment will allow you to siphon health with each elimination you get with common (white) and uncommon (green) weapons.

Shotgun Striker

Similar to the Rarity Check, the Shotgun Striker Augment allows you to siphon health or shields from opponents. Except this allows siphon with each hit that you land, rather than eliminations. This is a hefty augment that keeps your health up while also draining your enemies’ health, meaning you can get the upper hand every time.

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