Las mejores semillas de Minecraft Meadow Mountain (agosto de 2023)

Las mejores semillas de Minecraft Meadow Mountain (agosto de 2023)

Meadow Mountain fue un nuevo subbioma agregado a la actualización Minecraft 1.18: Caves Cliffs Part 2. Este bioma está lleno de flores y engendran ovejas, burros y conejos. Es un escenario idílico para comenzar tu aventura en Minecraft.

Para ayudarlo a encontrar el entorno de pradera perfecto, hemos descubierto algunas de las mejores semillas de Mountain Meadow y las enumeramos a continuación.

Lista de las mejores semillas de Meadow Mountain de Minecraft 1.19 y 1.18

  • minecraft 1.19
    • Inicio Idílico: -6117441267552579670
    • Muchos prados: 7255858787321822810
    • Cuenco de la pradera: 676855573286602964
    • Un Prado para tu Castillo: -5930464648540265214
    • El barranco de Hilltop Meadow: 937937323
    • Valle de la montaña pradera: 460628901
    • Oasis de la pradera: 8976869566609062878
    • Meseta de Alpacas: -5633462042878122149
    • Maravillosa Montaña Pradera: -6362534062645336384
    • Mirador de la cueva : -3833620608353279066
  • minecraft 1.18
    • Camino nevado: 1401143922128689540
    • Península peligrosa : -121581799917678842
    • El cuenco de limo: 5513533723593894861
    • Montaña de la pradera instantánea: 7947675369817198624
    • Valle de Pueblos: 8547346340717258090

Las mejores semillas de Meadow Mountain para Minecraft 1.19

Comienzo idílico

Captura de pantalla de guías de juegos profesionales

Semilla: -6117441267552579670

Un hermoso comienzo que te coloca justo en la cima de una pradera montañosa, rodeado de flores, con un pueblo, un portal en ruinas y un bosque de robles oscuros a la vista. Conocemos jugadores que matarían por un comienzo como este y nunca se moverían de este lugar perfecto. ¡Disfrutar!

  • Características clave
    • Pueblo: 128, 0
    • Portal en ruinas: 152, 88
    • Pueblo 2: 256, -208
    • Ciudad antigua: -344, -51, 248

Muchos prados

Captura de pantalla de guías de juegos profesionales

Semilla: 7255858787321822810

Esta semilla vibrante y vivaz tiene docenas de praderas a tiro de piedra de tu desove inicial. Comienzas en uno, y luego hay varios al este, oeste y sur, con el océano al norte. Además, ¡hay muchos pueblos y otras estructuras que mantienen el paisaje interesante! Gran semilla para los amantes de las flores.

  • Características clave
    • Gran prado con pueblo: 1112, -776
    • Lago con Portal 328, -440
    • Mini Sabana y pueblo: 240, 91
    • Mar y múltiples naufragios: 150, -1000

Tazón de pradera

Captura de pantalla de guías de juegos profesionales

Semilla: 676855573286602964

Un hermoso prado en medio de una estructura de cuenco natural. ¡Las montañas flanquean esta área por todos lados y es perfecta para establecer una base increíble o simplemente esconderse de las turbas!

  • Ubicaciones clave
    • Meadow Bowl: -23, -321
    • Hollow meadow mountain with dripstone cave: -336, -339
    • Village (Bedrock only!): -400 -489
    • Ice Spikes Biome: -1897, -50

A Meadow for your Castle

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5930464648540265214

This seed spawns you on a Sunflower field with a split river wrapped around it. It is the perfect space to start bright and sunny adventure and eventually turns into the ideal location for a castle. The river acts as a natural castle moat, and provides for a sizeable-but-manageable block of land for you protect. Outside of this Sunflower field are several mountain meadows for you to frolic through when you need a break from your castle.

  • Key Locations
    • Nether Portal: 88 72 (Java only!)
    • Best Meadow: -120 -66
    • Meadow: -10 201
    • Meadow: 20 325

The Ravine at Hilltop Meadow

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Nevermind the ominous name—this is a fascinating and beautiful seed with several ideal spots for players who like to stop and smell the roses. If you go north from spawn, you’ll be met with a majestic Meadow Mountain that is hiding a ravine on the opposite side of spawn. If you go south, you’ll instead find a jaw-dropping view from a Meadow positioned at the top of a mountain cliff!

  • Key Locations
    • Meadow Ravine Entrance: 160 -300
    • Cliffside Meadow: 170 85
    • Ancient City: 536 -760

Meadow Mountain Valley

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

While this is technically the opposite of a mountain, this seed deserves and honorable mention. You spawn on a ring of mountains that encases a beautiful meadow valley. Beyond the ring of mountains you’ll find several more Meadows, and some of them being hundreds of blocks long. This is a perfect Meadow Mountain start for 1.19 if you don’t mind that it’s in the mountain’s valley!

  • Key Locations
    • Ancient City: 104 -344
    • Village: 96 -208 (Java Only)
    • Large Meadow: -195 -75
    • Sunflower Field: -560 -80

Meadow Oasis

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8976869566609062878

A Meadow Oasis in a sea of trees, this small mountain outcrop will rise above the trees giving you a perfect base location. A pair of villages and a large portal loom in the distance, but far enough away that you could easily opt to become a hermit, instead of seeking out the help. Either way there’s plenty of all kinds of wood to help you get started!

  • Key Locations
    • Meadow Outcrop: -22, 521
    • Village 1: -246, 845
    • Village 2: -296, 1100
    • Ruined Portal: 0, 1017


Alpaca Plateau

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5633462042878122149

A Savana Plateau leads perfectly onto a Meadow Mountain, with snowy peaks in the distance. In fact there’s dozens of biomes meeting in the middle here. And ontop of that plateau? Well, you might have guessed by the name, but wild alpacas! This is also an idea biome if you’re trying to make one of those fancy frog farms that has both cold, temperate, and warm biomes in the same place.

  • Key Features:
    • Meadow location: 5, -92
    • Alpaca Spawn: -40, 7
    • Jungle, Snowy Mountain, and Dark Forest meeting point: -297, -165
    • Ruined Portal: -327, -559

Marvellous Meadow Mountain

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6362534062645336384

A picture perfect Meadow Mountain overlooking a village and a series of beautiful features. If you’re looking for the perfect Meadow to start your base, then this is the ideal one, with sheep, cows, and other livestock running free over the hills!

  • Key Features:
    • Meadow location: -603, 141, 175
    • Village 1: 162, 32
    • Village 2: -238, 150
    • Ruined Portal: -523, 24

Cave Overlook

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -3833620608353279066

A beautiful, and compact Meadow Mountain overlooking a pleasant plain littered with caves and caverns. This is a great place to set up and start an outpost, or just a small base. The mountain is also inhabited by dozens of sheep, so you’re not short on companionship (or easy food!).

  • Key Features
    • Mountain Meadow: 222, 86
    • Ruined Portal: 39, 33
    • Shipwreck: -107, 190
    • Water Temple: 238, 307

Best Meadow Mountain Seeds for Minecraft 1.18

Donkey Village

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 5969091165939971933

A sleepy mountain overlooking a humble village. A herd of donkeys enjoys the mountain view as villagers go about their daily tasks. What’s great about this seed is the quick access to Dark Wood and Spruce Wood thanks to a nearby series of forests. Perfect for ambitious medieval-style builds.

Key Locations

  • Village: -322 49
  • Spruce Taiga with Giant Mushrooms: -566 -431
  • Ruined Portal: -592 -288
  • Shipwreck: 288 -480

Snowy Road

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 1401143922128689540

This one is a little bit of a trek from spawn, but its worth it. Starting off in a snowy wasteland, you must scale a mountain to the south east to reach the meadow beyond. Honestly the fact this area is right next to a huge frozen mountain is one of the biggest appeals. It’s a breath-taking location!

Key Locations

  • The Meadow: 600 300
  • Village: 400 625
  • Ruined Portal: 672 368
  • Mineshaft: 700 400

Perilous Peninsula

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: -121581799917678842

A Pillager Tower blocks off a village’s only source of escape from this water-logged peninsula. This is an incredible location if you fancy playing some tower defense in Minecraft, as you’ll have to be extra careful of raids!

Key Locations:

  • Pillager Tower: 49 -527
  • Village: 130 -349
  • Underwater Ruined Portal: 18 162
  • Shipwreck: 915 -240

The Slime Bowl

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 5513533723593894861

Spawning next to a huge pit in the ground (that just happens to be in a Slime Chunk) you’ll just need to make a few steps to the north to find a series of mountains, including a meadow mountain biome. What’s more there’s a village near by and a large Pillager outpost with three(!) captured Iron Golems. A really exciting place to start.

Key Locations:

  • Village: -302 25
  • Pillager tower: -400 310
  • The Slime Bowl: -20 65

Blue Flower Ravine

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: 5513533723593894861

A huge ravine filled with a flowery meadow spawned on the side of a snow-capped hill. There’s ruined portals, ocean ruins, and a shipwreck not far from the spawn, giving this the vibe of a lost civilization where nature has come back to reclaim the area.

Key Locations:

  • Ocean Ruin: -528 -528
  • Ruined Portal: -269 5
  • Village: 304 -305
  • Shipwreck: -528 -224

Beech Oasis

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Code: -2457851589888536872

That’s not a mistake—this Mountain Meadow is an oasis in a sea of Beech trees, which surround you on all sides. The mountain, with it’s instant cave entrance to a Dripstone-filled cavern is your start, but as far as you can see is an endless forest. Or is it? Civilization might just be a little closer than you expected.

  • Key Locations
    • Village: 54 -171
    • Village #2: -841 594
    • Ruined Portal: 66 -450

Instant Meadow Mountain

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7947675369817198624

What better way to find a Meadow Mountain than to spawn on one? This seed places you instantly in a Meadow, surrounding by mountains, villages and rivers.A beautiful place to start a Minecraft world!

  • Key Locations:
    • Meadow Mountain: -60, 102
    • Village 1: -234, 238
    • Village 2: -500, 520
    • Ruined Portal: -298, 1004

Valley of Villages

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8547346340717258090

A sprawling series of Meadow Mountains that are only interrupted by multiple villages. In fact there’s an entire valley, containing four villages just a few thousand blocks away from spawn!

  • Key Locations
    • Meadow Mountain: 34, 431
    • Village: 179, 776
    • Ruined Portal: 14,739
    • Valle del Pueblo : 71, 1272

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