Los mejores juegos de anime de Roblox (agosto de 2023)

Los mejores juegos de anime de Roblox (agosto de 2023)

Una de las cosas que coloca a Roblox como un juego por encima del resto es su capacidad para reunir a jugadores con intereses similares en una plataforma donde pueden divertirse y expresarse. Los fanáticos de todos los géneros pueden encontrar un hogar en Roblox, y no es ningún secreto que hay una abrumadora cantidad de simuladores de lucha de anime, juegos de rol y batallas reales en la plataforma, con muchos fanáticos del anime para jugarlos. En esta lista, analizaremos 10 de los mejores juegos de anime en Roblox.

Un juego de una pieza

Imagen vía Boss Studio

Con más de 110 millones de visitas al servidor, A One Piece Game es un gran éxito del anime desde finales de 2021. En términos de juegos derivados del anime One Piece , este es uno de los favoritos de los fanáticos, ya que enfatiza la funcionalidad multijugador, con hasta Se permiten 12 jugadores en un solo servidor. Ábrete camino a través de los niveles para ganar la moneda del juego Beli, que puede usarse para comprar mejoras para barcos y otros artículos del juego. Como todavía es un juego bastante reciente, hay un montón de códigos por descubrir a medida que conoces a los personajes del anime y completas misiones.

Defensa de la torre All Star

Imagen vía Roblox All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) ha sido la cara de los juegos de anime en Roblox desde su lanzamiento en 2020, y probablemente seguirá siéndolo durante muchos años. Con más de dos mil millones de visitas y una calificación promedio de jugador del 92%, ASTD realmente destaca sobre la competencia en todos los sentidos. A diferencia del juego de estilo de defensa de torres promedio que usa tanques, torretas y armas, ASTD permite a los jugadores desbloquear casi 100 protagonistas y villanos de anime de toneladas de programas, mangas y películas diferentes para defender su territorio y ser la última torre en pie.

Frutas Blox

Imagen vía Roblox Blox Fruits

Al igual que ATDS, Blox Fruits cuenta con un impresionante número de visitas y una calificación promedio de jugador. Pero la verdadera señal de que este juego es un ganador dentro de la comunidad del anime son sus 100.000 jugadores activos en cualquier momento del día. Blox Fruits está inspirado principalmente en el anime One Piece e incluye referencias a otros favoritos de los fanáticos, incluidos Attack on Titan y Bleach , con su estilo de combate, mapas y personajes. Si estás buscando un juego de mundo abierto donde puedas explorar a tu propio ritmo, completar misiones, luchar contra enemigos y siempre tener gente con quien jugar, Blox Fruits es el juego para ti.

vida shindo

Imagen vía Roblox Shindo Life (Shinobi Life 2)

Titulado originalmente Shinobi Life 2, Shindo Life tiene lugar en un mundo inspirado en Naruto y utiliza elementos del anime para crear una experiencia única para sus jugadores. Shindo Life es un juego de rol que presenta un mundo vasto y dinámico familiar para los fanáticos de Naruto, pero que aún es lo suficientemente digerible para aquellos que no lo son. Con múltiples modos de juego, linajes, estilos de combate y más, Shindo ha demostrado ser prometedor desde su lanzamiento en 2020 y continúa cumpliendo.

Simulador de lucha de anime

Los mejores juegos de anime de Roblox (agosto de 2023)

Imagen vía BlockZone

Anime Fighting Simulator (AFS) is a fully fleshed fighting sim with all of the playable anime characters you could imagine, but it also integrates a detailed story mode that includes numerous quests and dungeons for players to complete. AFS is also an incredibly popular game, not only as an anime game but as a Roblox game, so you’ll never have to worry about finding someone to throw hands with—or beams of energy with.

Anime Dimensions Simulator

Image via Albatross Games

If games you can pick up and hop into at anytime are your kind of thing, Anime Dimensions Simulator (ADS) is the experience on this list you’re looking for. The premise of this game is rather simple, but that’s part of what makes it so popular—anyone can enjoy this game regardless of their anime knowledge or lack thereof. ADS allows players to meet up with friends or strangers, and dungeon-crawl their way through different dimensions or maps inspired by various animes, defeating waves of enemies in the process. ADS is the perfect starter game for familiarizing yourself with the Roblox anime genre at your own pace, while also having fun.

Grand Piece Online

Image via Grand Quest Games

Grand Piece Online (GPO) is a lot like the title that inspired its name (GTA Online) in many ways. GPO is, at its core, a massive sandbox that allows players the opportunity to explore an unbelievably vast and expansive map completely reflective of its main inspiration: the long-running anime One Piece. GPO exceeds in its story-telling in the sense that you actually care about the quests you’re completing and feel a sense of accomplishment as you move throughout the narrative. To players looking for an aesthetic, communal, grind-worthy game— look no further than Grand Piece Online.

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Project Star

Image via Roblox Project Star

There’s a reason why Pro Game Guides has been covering so much of Project Star recently, and it’s because it’s an insanely popular and well-made game! Inspired by the well-known anime and manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Project Star integrates all kinds of fan-favorite elements into its world including Stands, combat styles, characters, and more. Project Star can be challenging at times, so it might not be the best game for beginners, but with a bit of dedication and yearn for adventure, you’ll be completing quests and becoming more powerful in no time!

A Universal Time

Image via Universe Time Studio

Similar to Project Star, A Universal Time (AUT) takes inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but then takes it a step further by combining even more anime fandoms to create a sort of anime universe. AUT and Project Star are comparable in many other ways as well, given their respective JoJo backgrounds—both games consist of a large map, Stands and Stand arrows, various unique specs, quests, and even more. Where they differ, however, is in the average player rating and number of active players— AUT has an average rating of 85% and usually hovers around twenty thousand players at its busiest point in the day, whereas Project Star sits at a 92% player rating but only five thousand players. Between these similar games, it’s up to you to decide which one you like best!

Anime Artifacts Simulator

Image via Alan International Studio

Anime Artifacts Simulator (AAS) is a sword-fighting simulation game that pushes players to work their way towards becoming the best and most powerful swordsperson they can be. Fight against NPCs created from and based on a multitude of different anime worlds, collect gold, purchase new and improved swords, travel to new worlds, and repeat. Though this game may sound simple, it offers a great amount of detail in terms of the worlds it incorporates and offers players a fun yet challenging opportunity to grind their way to the top!

Anime Adventures

Image via Gomu

Anime Adventures brings all the best animes together in a tower defense style experience where you summon characters using Diamonds and put them to work in various missions. Each mission grows more difficult, increasing in waves and bringing in powerful bosses, and you can choose to go solo or join up with other online players. The anime heroes featured are of varying rarities and wield unique abilities; feed them materials you collect for completing levels to level them up and increase their strength even more.

King Legacy

Image via Venture Lagoons

King Legacy is another One Piece-themed open-world RPG adventure game where you can explore the world and complete quests to earn levels. Demon fruits give powerful abilities that boost your power in battle and help you defeat enemies more easily. You can also earn other fighting styles with weapons and melee. Team up with others to sail to different islands or compete in PVP to put your skills to the test.

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Anime Battle Arena

Image via Dogs Studios: South

Anime Battle Arena is a unique type of anime experience centered on a PVP type battle experience. This highly competitive mode pits you against other online players as you complete various types of game modes, from team deathmatches to FFAs. You get to choose from all types of anime characters, such as Naruto, Gon, Eren, and more, each with their own abilities to use in battle. Build up your overall damage and kills to earn points and purchase new arena characters and skins.

Anime Souls Simulator

Image via Anime Shadow Studio

Anime Souls is a simulator experience where you venture around different portals and defeat the enemies there to earn souls. Your energy builds as you click your mouse and builds your power so you can defeat enemies more quickly. Use your souls to purchase anime characters to fight beside you. Based on their rarity, they will greatly increase your power and help you defeat stronger enemies. You can unlock your own unique skills to use in battle; classes are unlocked with special points you earn during battle and upon completing time trial challenges.

Arcane Odyssey

Image via vetexgames

Arcane Odyssey is the ultimate Roblox RPG experience with an open-world feel and classic RPG leveling system. Create your own unique character, choose your class and fighting styles, and adventure the large open sea around you to complete quests, level up, and become a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by One Piece, you can earn powerful abilities from demon fruit. Build your notoriety by becoming a pirate, or stand against your foes as a marine.

Now that you’ve read our list, let us know below if you agree with it or what your favorite anime games are!

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